Sims Pharaoh – Grails

Im guessing that most of you will have seen the Complex list of the 25 top decks from the 80s. I dont personally agree with most of them however their number one *spoiler alert* the Sims Pharaoh is totally my number one Grail. It was the first pro deck I ever owned and I spent HOURS

Rip City Skate Shop – Santa Monica

My Sister buys the coolest gifts! This is what she got for me from the legendary Rip City Skate Shop on a recent visit to the States. I stumbled upon the attached videos today about said shop. PART 1 PART 2

Chris Haslams Part In Round Three

This is my favorite skate vid part EVER.

Cool little vid from Element

San Francisco based Element Advocate Mike Kershnar has designed an artist series Element Topaz Shoe. Im not a super fan of Element shoes from my experience this far. but the shoes in this vid look ok actually